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Food for Thought: Durkheim, Law, and Solidarity

This week’s class was devoted to a review of the work of Emile Durkheim. Durkheim regards law as a ‘visible symbol’ of social solidarity – a representation of a society’s collective consciousness and, simultaneously, a mechanism for responding to violations of group norms and settling disputes. Generally, he argues that law functions to promote collective solidarity.

Pavlich (2011) invites us to critically examine this claim. He asks:

Does law ever function in ways that stifle, rather than promote, collective solidarity?

This will be our food for thought question for the week. 

Write a post that (a) responds to Pavlich’s question and provides one or more illustrative examples, and (b) discusses the implications of your argument in relation to Durkheim’s theory of law. Be sure to write your post with a public audience in mind.

Responses must be submitted before 19:00 on October 16. 


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