Law and Society @Kwantlen is a blog associated with my Fall 2012 CRIM 3305 Law & Society course. It features musings on issues related to the social dimensions of law, sociological jurisprudence, and sociolegal theory. Some posts are written by my students. Others are written by me. The site is part of an experiment in public criminology. We are using the blog medium to make connections between theory and everyday life, and to share our musings with a public audience. We welcome feedback.

A bit about me:

Mike Larsen is an Instructor in the Criminology Department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and Co-Managing Editor of the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (www.jpp.org), a prisoner-authored peer-reviewed journal dedicated to experiential narratives and analysis related to spaces and practices of incarceration. His research deals with Canadian national security practices, particularly as they involve the deprivation of liberty and contestations around government secrecy, public accountability, and the right to know. His current work focuses on the Canadian security certificate regime, with an emphasis on practices of detention and surveillance, and makes extensive use of access to information requests. Mike has published in the academic and popular press, including the Canadian Journal of Law and Society, Qualitative Inquiry, Contemporary Justice Review, the edited volume Surveillance: Power, Problems, and Politics (UBC Press, 2009), and Embassy Foreign Policy Newsweekly. He is a contributing author at Prism Magazine. Mike is Co-Editor (along with Kevin Walby) of the edited volume Brokering Access: Power, Politics, and Freedom of Information Process in Canada (UBC Press, 2012).

I can be reached at Mike.Larsen[at]kwantlen.ca


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