Parliament hill shooting a smoke screen

​On October 22 2014, a young Michael Zehaf-Bibeau attacked parliament hill. He
appeared in Ottawa with an assault rifle, and a motive, to break into parliament, and kill
the prime minister, and any other MP’s he could. He managed to kill a soldier standing
guard at a war memorial nearby, but upon entering parliament, he was killed before he
could get anyone else. The country was in a state of shock. People could not believe
what had happened. Canada had never experienced an international terrorist attack,
especially one that struck so close to the chest (our parliament building). The reaction
by the Harper Conservatives however, is where the real nightmare begins. As the
Harper government introduce new bills to further strengthen its surveillance abilities on
Canadians, many begin to question whether or not it is warranted. Eric Wright describes
how Harper made the connection between an earlier hit and run terrorist attack on a
soldier in Quebec, without any evidence to suggest the two incidences were related.
Voices of condemnation regarding Harper’s newest terror initiatives have been
sprouting up in the New Democrat Party.

Thomas Mulcair, leader of the New Democrat Party, has already signaled the
Parties issues regarding the Conservative governments response to the Parliament Hill
attack. Mulcair has pointed out that the shooter on Parliament Hill was a criminal with
mental health issues, rather than a terrorist. In fact the shooter on Parliament hill was
described as behaving erratically, living in a homeless shelter in the days before the
shooting (Jordan, 2014). No link has ever been found between any international terrorist
organizations, and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s attack on parliament (Wright, 2014). In fact
the shooter has never been found to be in contact with any organization. He has been
described as having severe personality and mental disorders, and in these frequenting
mental states, he eventually decided to become a fighter for Islam (Jordan, 2014). This
was an attack he carried out on his own. However the Harper government considered it
an attack carried out by a terror organization. There is no evidence to suggest that the
terrorist organization, ISIS ever knew of, or had any involvement with Michael Zehaf-
Bibeau. So why would the government go in this direction, making these accusations,
and passing new laws extending the arm of surveillance in Canada? Because it gives
the government a greater degree of social control.
Just as alexis Ohanion, founder of Reddit pointed out, the NSA in the United
States is engaged in a surveillance program against its own citizens which emphasizes
a “collect everything” agenda. The Canadian government is also interested in engaging
in a similar program here in Canada for several reasons, including industry development
in Canada. However this can also be aligned with a need for increased security
surveillance over Canadians, not just exclusive to Muslim Canadians, but to any and all
Canadians that any Candian governments feel may pose a threat of any kind, even if that threat fails to extend any further than inconvenient protests regarding policy


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