Welcome Fall 2014 CRIM 3305 Students!

Welcome to Law and Society@Kwantlen. If you are enrolled in my CRIM 3305 Law & Society class in the Criminology Department of KPU, you will soon be a contributor to this blog. Please feel free to browse through the posts (written by students from previous classes) and get a feel for the place.

Your course syllabus (starting at p. 13) provides details on how to sign up for the blog. It should take a few minutes. Remember: you may post under your own name, or create an alias. My recommendation is to sign up as soon as possible, so that when you decide to write your first post you can dive right in.

In many ways, your posts for this blog will resemble short research and commentary papers. They will be responses to ‘food for thought’ questions that I will post throughout the semester. Unlike a traditional paper, though, the blog format allows you to embed video, images, and hyperlinks. It also means that your posts will be visible to a broader public audience, including your colleagues in the class. I will use the ‘comment’ function to add feedback in response to your posts, and you are encouraged to reply to my comments and to add comments in response to others’ posts.

Please stop by my office hours or speak to me during class if you have any technical questions about how to use this site.


Mike Larsen


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