Food for Thought: Foucault and Law

This week’s class focuses on the work of Michel Foucault, with an emphasis on his discussion of forms of power and their relation to law.

Our Food for Thought question for this week will focus on Foucault’s work on disciplinary power. The question is straightforward:

  • Identify and explain an example of a technique of disciplinary power that applies (or likely applies) to you. Your post should ‘unpack’ this technique and explain how and why it reflects disciplinary power. Employ Foucault’s concepts where appropriate.

I am looking for posts that demonstrate creativity, originality, and an understanding of Foucault’s ideas. The more deeply you engage with the features of disciplinary power, the better (so, an application of the key instruments of discipline to your example is a good start, but an analysis that incorporates themes of resistance and internalization will be really impressive).

Posts submitted in response to this blog are due prior to our next class.


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