Sovereign Power and Counter-Law: A Poster

This week’s class is based on works by several authors:

Butler, Judith. 2004. Precarious Life. The Power of Mourning and Violence. New York: Verso.

Ericson, Richard. 2007. Crime in an Insecure World. Malden: Polity Press.

Larsen, Mike and Piché, Justin. 2009. “Exceptional State, Pragmatic Bureaucracy, and Indefinite Detention: The Case of the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre.” in Canadian Journal of Law and Society. 24(2) 203-229.

and Larsen, Mike. 2013. “Indefinitely Pending: Security Certificates and Permanent Temporariness”, from the forthcoming edited volume Liberating Temporariness.

I have prepared a two-sided 11×17 poster for this class. The first side provides an overview of some key points and quotes from Agamben, Butler, Ericson, and myself and Piché, as well as a short description of the Canadian security certificate regime.

The second side is a reproduction of an April 2012 article I wrote for Prism Magazine.

PDF version: CRIM 3305_Larsen

Below is a JPEG version of the first side

As always, students in CRIM 3305 – Law & Society can pick up a printed version in class.


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