Agamben: Bare Life, The Camp, and States of Exception

Agamben’s writings on law, politics, and power can be difficult to grasp the first time around, for a variety of reasons – not least because understanding Agamben requires an appreciation of the works that he is responding to (Schmitt, Benjamin, and Foucault in particular). In my experience, most people find it easier to engage with Agamben’s ideas by exploring the ways that they have been interpreted and applied by other theorists (Butler, Ericson, Giroux, and Welch, for example).

I have prepared a poster that offers an introduction to some of the key ideas explored by Agamben in Homo Sacer (1998) and State of Exception (2005).

You can download a PDF version of the poster here: CRIM 3305_Agamben.

Students in CRIM 3305 Law & Society can pick up an 11 x 17 copy in class this week.


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