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I am preparing a new 4th-year criminology seminar course, to be offered in Srping 2013. The working title is Investigative Research and Secrecy. An initial description follows:

Investigative Research and Secrecy

Students will critically examine the role and function of government secrecy in relation to institutions and practices of crime control and security. They will explore the history of official secrets and the laws governing secrecy and information control in the contemporary context. Students will learn about and practice methods of investigative research based on access to information law, and will explore theoretical and methodological principles related to brokering access, newsmaking criminology, and social problems research. Through experiential learning, they will gain insight into the freedom of information process, the preparation of ATI / FOI requests, the analysis of internal government records, and the politics of secrecy.

The course will be capped at 25 students, and is offered through the Criminology…

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